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- Bella Storia -

Sal & Antonella Gasparo

Have been sharing their deep love for food and casual dining for over 30 years. They have successfully run multiple Cafes and  Restaurants in Sydney over the years. Gasparo in Georges Hall, Sydney has been serving authentic Italian cuisine since 2016, offering a perfect setting for lunch, dinner, and special events.

Our restaurant caters to various occasions, including business gatherings and family celebrations.


The Gasparo family is excited to invite you to experience the authentic Italian family ambiance of Gasparo, which draws inspiration from their heritage in the Sicily region of Italy.


Our roots are deeply connected to local farms, emphasizing premium ingredients and traditional cooking techniques that showcase our unwavering dedication to exceptional cuisine and welcoming hospitality.

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Food Philosophy

Gasparo is a special place that values quality ingredients and traditional cooking methods.


They have a deep commitment to providing exceptional food and creating a welcoming atmosphere for their guests.


At Gasparo our aim is to give you a memorable dining experience.


Known for its exceptional dining experience, this Sydney restaurant has become highly regarded for its exquisite Italian cuisine and fine selection of wines.


The inviting atmosphere caters to both social gatherings and business meetings, making it a versatile choice for various occasions.

Castello Sant'Angelo di Brolo in Sydney

Good Food & Good Times at Gasparo

The symbol of  Trinacria is found on the Sicilian flag. It is characterized
by the presence of the triskelion in its middle, the
winged head of Medusa and three wheat ears.
The three bent legs represent the three points
of the triangular shape of the island of Sicily itself.
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